Specialty Lumber


Swampland Cypress

We are also pleased to offer Swampland Cypress. This beautiful, rough-cut lumber comes from Louisiana. Random lengths and widths make finding the perfect board easy.









Rare & Beautiful Wormwood

This unique wood is made from dead Ponderosa Pines from the Western US and Canada. The trees were killed by Mountain Pine Beetles which carry a fungus that slowly turns the wood different colors. Commonly know as “blue stain” or “blue wormwood” the colors that appear can range from blue, purple, brown, orange, yellow, red, and pink.

After the beetle kills the tree it becomes known as “dead standing timber.” If harvested within 5 years these trees can still be used for wood products. If not harvested these trees are left to fall over and decay, resulting in millions of board feet of kindling in our forests.





Ship Lap

Log Cabin Siding

These boards provide a great way to get the look of an authentic log cabin with the ease of a ship lap siding. Clean, Ponderosa Pine is easy to stain and seal.










Cedar Channel Rustic Siding

This reversible lap siding is perfect for outdoor or indoor applications. One side features a rough lap and gap look while the other side offers a smooth v-groove, tongue and groove appearance.









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