Shipping Container FAQ’s

What are the most common questions about shipping container buying & re-purposing?

If you’re utilizing shipping containers for the first time, the biggest challenge is starting with the right container option for your project. Do some advanced research, ask questions, and work with someone in the know! This will ensure the most cost-effective, trouble-free experience.

Are shipping containers weather-tight?

Yes! Shipping containers are designed to withstand exposure to the harsh elements on the open ocean.

What are typical sizes available?

There are many sizes choices. Most of the shipping containers we offer are 8′ wide and 8′ tall (9′ height is also available) and 20′ or 40′ in length.

My container project requires a structure with windows and/or doors. Can I get a quote on a turnkey container package?

Yes – when you request a quote, we can include basic customizations so your container is as complete as possible and ready for installation.

Can you provide delivery?

Yes! We have coordinated freight on container shipping across the country.

Do containers used for residential/commercial purposes need to be inspected?

Building codes & zoning laws vary widely from state to city level. Contact your local zoning department for guidelines and permit requirements.